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Sunday, April 19, 2009


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  2. One Day Denistry

    Get it done in a day

    Chairside CAD/CAM dentistry’s biggest benefit may be sending the patient home happy in just one visit.

    by Stan Goff, Executive Editor


    Photo: Sirona Dental
    As CAD/CAM technology has improved in recent years, there’s been a lot of discussion about how the esthetics and longevity have improved, along with the predictability. But a driving force behind the technology from day one has been its ability to do in one quick visit something that used to require multiple visits.

    This one-day dentistry not only saves plenty of time for the practice, but it’s a huge draw for patients. Not only is the patient in and out of the practice in one visit without having to find time to return to complete the case, but they’re also not going home with a temporary restoration that may not look, feel or function properly while they’re waiting for the final restoration to be seated.

    “Patients appreciate the fact that restorations are completed within a single visit, being able to limit time spent at the dental office, avoiding the inconvenience of temporary restorations, and enjoying the benefits of the highly esthetic and long-lasting restorations created by CAD-CAM systems such as the CEREC AC (by Sirona Dental Systems),” said Dr. Eugene Antenucci, who practices in Huntington, N.Y. “Chairside CAD-CAM systems have literally revolutionized the practice of dentistry.”

    Dr. Antenucci’s practice, Huntington Bay Dental features the latest in laser, digital and CAD/CAM technology. Providing CAD/CAM dentistry chairside in one visit is quite popular with his patients.

    “In restorative dentistry, the majority of care provided deals with ‘single-tooth’ dentistry—the replacement of defective and/or carious restorations and the restoration of missing tooth structure on individual teeth,” he said. “Chairside CAD-CAM systems allow restorative dentists to confidently approach these restorations in an efficient manner that is highly esthetic, conservative and cost-effective.”

    Sirona President Michael Augins shared similar thoughts when interviewed last spring for Dental Products Report’s 2008 CAD/CAM Survey. “Chairside CAD/CAM offers a tremendous advantage (for patients), including single-appointment dentistry, patients knowing exactly what they’re getting in their mouth, and it’s a great restoration in a single visit,” Augins said. “It saves the patient time, it saves the patient pain, it gives the patient confidence in the restoration that they’re getting. We think it’s a huge win.”

    One visit compared to two or three visits sounds like a win for patients and practices alike.